For some entrepreneurship is a way up. But for many, it is a way out.

Christopher Lochhead
1 min readFeb 18, 2023

I started my first business at 18. It was a desperate attempt to survive. Not a romantic “founders journey”.

Not a glamorous display of polished posts detailing how I “built in public” in front of hundreds of thousands of adoring social media fans.

It was taking the bus.
It was sweating the rent.
It was cold calling the yellow pages.

(an ancient book with a list of potential prospects & their phone numbers)

So the next time you’re feeling completely disempowered.

Reading a post about how some founder, went to some super-ding-dong school, started a crypto carbadingulation AI algorithm company.

With some highfalutin professors.
Some super-ding-dong VCs.
And became a billionaire.

Remember that most entrepreneurs are not like that.
Most entrepreneurs are just regular people.

People who summon the courage to be different.
People who committed a radical act of creation in a desperate attempt to survive.



Christopher Lochhead

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