How Radical Generosity Builds Category Winning Companies

Mrs. See’s Candies makes 26 million pounds of chocolates per year.

And they give away one million pounds of it. As samples.

When you walk into a See’s store, the first thing that happens is the wonderful smell of chocolates engulfs your senses.

Then a friendly greater, dressed in an old-time white uniform welcomes you. And asks if you’d like a candy.

Radical generosity is part of their in-store experience (Product Design), business model (Company Design), and “old-time candies” mission & POV (Category Design).

At the start of the pandemic, Mrs. See’s donated 34,500 pounds — about $795,000 worth — of candy to hospitals in San Diego.

There is a lot that can be learned from a B2C company like See’s Candies. Even for B2B companies.

Remember, See’s Candies is owned by Warren Buffett, so this isn’t just an arbitrary decision — Warren loves accounting for each and every penny.

So, See’s accounts for their radical generosity on their P&L, giving away one million pounds of chocolates per year for free (aka: 1/26th of their revenue).

Giving is a core part of the company, the product, and the category design.

Mrs. See’s, founded in 1921 is a shining example of how radical generosity is a legendary long-term differentiator.

This post is based on the writing of Category Pirates 🏴‍☠️ (authors of multiple #1 bestsellers and a Top 1% paid business newsletter).



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