Marketing leaders. Why ChatGTP might tank you.

Christopher Lochhead
2 min readFeb 18, 2023

Marketing leaders. Please pay attention. ChatGTP could turbo charge, or tank you.

Soon. It is the new aggregator of “truth” on the Internet. (fastest growing consumer app. 100M users in 2 mths). Questions to ask ChatGPT ASAP:


•Should I buy (your brand)?
•Tell me about (your brand)?
•Is (your brand) a good place to work?
•What are the criticisms of (your brand)?
•What competitor product should I buy instead (your brand)?


•Is (your category) growing?
•Who’s the leader in (your category)?
•What problems does (your category) solve?
•What is the best product in (your category)?
•Who is (your category) type of product made for?
•Rather than buying (your category) what else could I buy?

These types of questions (and many others about your category and brand) will give you critical market signal 🚦

And GPT could become the #1 digital source of marketing signal in the future.

Now is the time to get a baseline for where you and your category stand on ChatGPT.

Of course, we do not know how the algorithm works or what sub-set of Internet data it is being trained on.

And there is no such category as “SEO for ChatGPT” yet.
(just wait)

But it is probably not a stretch to assume that ChatGPT is trying to aggregate information from top ranking websites and data sources.

So, if you’ve already done a great job of building a powerful, positive, high ranking category and brand in the digital world broadly (and on Google specifically) you’ll likely be pleased with your GPT results.

If not, you’ve probably got a lot of work to do bolstering your digital reputation.

No matter what, the one thing that is clearer now than ever….

…if the you’re not known for a category you own on the Internet today, you better get busy earning your digital crown 👑 fast or….

ChatGPT could make your future disappear.



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