Recognizing Serendipity: How To Spot “Exponential Moments”

Christopher Lochhead
2 min readDec 26, 2021


There are moments in life when it feels as though God, the Universe, or some higher power taps us on the shoulder and says, “You’re next.”

And our success is then dependent on whether or not we choose to listen — and, more importantly, choose to take action.

These exponential moments have a clear before and after effect on your life. The first time you rode a bike on your own; a book you read that blew open a whole new door of understanding; the day you knew what you wanted to do in your career; a person you met you “just had a great feeling” about and ended up becoming a lifelong friend; the first time someone paid you for your creative work; a person who inspired you to think, “If they can do that, maybe I can do my own version of it?”

Whether you are religious, spiritual, some mix of both, or a hardcore athiest, all of us can acknowledge moments when something happens to us and, at a minimum, we think, “That was weird.” (“Did fate just wink at me?”) But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Was it weird? Sure.

But what is your interpretation of it?

How are you going to choose to see this weirdness in the context of your life?

What meaning will you choose to give it?

After all, serendipity is not just something that happens to us, but happens with us.

And we must choose to answer the call and give it the meaning we feel best serves us and our desires in life.

Ultimately, we decide if an exponential moment will actually be a demarcation point or a forgotten experience.

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