The biggest marketing “trend” for 2022 is hiding in plain sight.

Christopher Lochhead
2 min readDec 4, 2021


People keep asking… “What’s the biggest marketing ‘trend’ for 2022?”

It turns out, it is something almost no one over 35 gets. A profound inflection point, hiding in plain sight. Native Digitals (people 35 & under) have ALREADY taken over.

As a result, the next 15 years will see a massive displacement of Native Analog categories and companies.

We’re at the start of a mass analog category / company extinction event.

And we’re at the start of a new Native Digital category-nado.

Here’s why.

Native Digitals are the first whole new category of human in centuries. They grew up completely integrated with technology.

Their digital lives are their PRIMARY lives.

Their analog lives are secondary. We’ve never had people who are 100% integrated with machines before.That’s why they are changing everything. Literally.

They are creating new categories of living, working and playing.

Digital. From the ground up. (Not digitally transformed — That’s what Native Analogs think is happening.) There are 140M of them in the US. And they are 180 degree different than Native Analogs (people over 35).

Our friend Andrew R. Smallwood says:

“Native Analogs buy analog things digitally.
Native Digitals buy digital things.”

Pls read 👆 three times.🏴‍☠️

Native Analogs (138M in the US) are the last of a dying breed. Most business are run by Native Analogs.

Which means they have a massive disadvantage creating a Native Digital future. (Remember Quibi?)

Because it’s hard to create a Native Digital future if you grew up Native Analog.

Most CEOs / marketers / entrepreneurs don’t understand how profound this change is. This is not “normal” generational difference stuff.

Those who do not get this are doomed.

Those who do, will build the Native Digital categories and businesses that dominate the future.


Christopher Lochhead

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